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UNITAR-CIFAL Webinar on: Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit successfully held

November 3rd, 2020, organized by United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), CIFAL Shanghai, CIFAL Atlanta, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, ABInBev, a webinar on Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit was successfully held. This cross-regional webinar was held online through the ZOOM platform, and more than 100 participants attended this webinar.

This webinar mainly introduces the management practices for safer roads toolkit which includes management methodology that can help improving road safety and its applications across cities, this will strengthen the capacities of government officials to improve road safety and to identify practical solutions that can reduce risk factors associated with road traffic injuries.


Mr. WANG Genxiang, Director of International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Shanghai (CIFAL Shanghai) stressed that the 5G era has accelerated the construction and operation management of intelligent driving transportation facilities, and it is also going to facilitate the better integration of 5G, intelligent driving equipment, big data and the Internet, to provide new solutions for the improvement of road traffic safety. At the same time, in the process of implementing road traffic safety solutions, countless travelers are involved and a lot of resources are needed. Therefore, careful research, discussion, and experience sharing are critical in order to achieve good results. This virtual webinar on management practices for safer roads toolkit is therefore a good occasion for everyone to study and exchange. To contribute on achieving road safety goals, containing incidence rate of road traffic accidents, addressing the issue of lacking safety on the world's roads, and to help improving road traffic conditions and ultimately achieving road safety goals.


Mr. Frank Wang, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer, Budweiser APAC introduced the International Alliance action plan on "Together For Safer Roads". The project used international leading scientific data analysis methods to intervene and improve multiple accident-prone roads in Shanghai, it managed to reduce the total number of accidents on pilot roads by an average rate of 50-70%, and the number of casualties by an average rate of 50%, which better protects citizens’ travel safety.


Ms. JI Xiaoxiao, the Program Manager of International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Atlanta (CIFAL Atlanta) presented the content of the Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit.


Mr. WU Yugang, the Deputy Director of United Nations Project Office, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) chaired and summarized this webinar.


The webinar was held simultaneously across three nations, including China (Shanghai), Switzerland (Geneva), the United States (New York, Atlanta). The Chinese version of the " Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit " which was released during the webinar, shared local demonstration projects implemented in different countries across continents including Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, India, Mexico and South Africa. The toolkit provides recommendations for improving existing road infrastructure for the benefit of all road users.


The road safety learning toolkit course registration link is herein attached:



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