Innovation and Product Management


Promoting innovation is one of the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The United Nations calls on all businesses to harness their creativity and innovation to meet the challenges of sustainable development. The "Innovation and Product Management" capacity-building project was established for this purpose.


To master advanced innovation and product development management theories, processes, tools and methods has become an urgent task for managers at all levels of enterprises. Especially the managers and professionals at the forefront of innovation, such as product directors, product managers, UX designers, and facilitators, etc. These jobs are known as the "battlefield commanders" of corporate innovation. Once they can systematically master the new, international standard product management knowledge and methods, they could greatly promote enterprise innovation. And we will achieve sustainable economic development at all.


This project on the basis of global innovation and new trends, new practices in the field of product management and authoritative research achievements, features a modular capacity building program, use advanced methods of evaluation driven learning to provides offline and online learning solutions to make up for shortcomings, build a long board to help learners solve the core problems in innovation and product development management. The project is jointly organized by UNITAR CIFAL Shanghai and QGENIUS.