I  Steering Committee

Honorary Chairperson:

WU Qidi, Member of the NPC Standing Committee; member of the Science, Education, Culture and Public Health Committee of the NPC; president of Chinese Association of Automation


Wang Pinghui, President of Aerospace Technology (Shenzhen) Research Institute

LIANG Dan, Former director of Department of Technology and Investment Promotion, UNIDO

ZHAO Yongli, Former assistant director of China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchange, Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C

WANG Genxiang, Director of Shanghai Asia-Pacific Training Center for Economic and Information

WU Yugang, Executive Deputy Director of Shanghai Asia-Pacific Training Center for Economic and Information 

YAN Xiaoshuang, General Manager of Shanghai Feten Culture Promotion Company

HAN Zhiyi, General Manager of Shanghai Soaringstar Information Technology Co..Ltd

HAN Lijun, President of Yasi Culture Promotion (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

SU Han , Chairperson of Beijing Jing Hua Ding Science & Technology Development Center

JIN Zongqian, President of Younitar (Shanghai) Education Technology Limited.

ZHANG Minggao, President of Beijing Panorama Education Holdings Ltd.

ZHANG Zhaolong, General Manager of Information & Data Security Solutions Co., Ltd.

II   Managerial Team
Director: WANG Genxiang
Executive Deputy Director: Wu Yugang

Deputy Director: WANG Kemin

Chief Information Officer: LI Yi

Chief International Operating Officer: DING Weizhong

Chief Technical Officer: QIAO Yuanqing