What is the PGTF?


The Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund for South-South Cooperation (PGTF) was established by the United Nations in accordance with General Assembly resolution 38/201 of 20 December 1983, which provided for the liquidation of the United Nations Emergency Operation Trust Fund and the allocation of its remaining balance.

The PGTF is a fund established for the purpose of supporting activities in economic and technical cooperation among developing countries (ECDC/TCDC) of critical importance to developing countries members of the Group of 77, in order to achieve national or collective self-reliance, according to the priorities set by them. It is named after the late Manuel Perez-Guerrero and its funds are channeled through the United Nations Development Programme, following the approval by the Group of 77.


What it does:

The objective of the PGTF is to provide seed money for (i) financing pre-investment/feasibility studies/reports prepared by professional consultancy organizations in developing countries members of the Group of 77; and (ii) facilitating the implementation of projects within the framework of the Caracas Programme of Action on ECDC.


What CIFAL did:

1. 2016-2017 Information Security and Mobile Internet

With decades of expertise in providing ICT training and international forums, CIFAL Shanghai is a hub for capacity building and knowledge sharing in ICT industry with local authorities, national governments, international organizations, private sectors and the academics. CIFAL Shanghai carried out the program of Information Security Capacity Building Programme by organizing workshop and site visit to enhance the capabilities in the field of Information Security for the participants from the developing countries.


During the period between 2016 and 2017, CIFAL Shanghai carried out the project of Information Security Capacity Building Programme, cultivating for developing countries skilled professionals needed to make governments and firms more efficient, helping to create jobs and livelihood in the developing countries especially to the youth who long for life skills and vocational training to access to decent jobs as information security is a stable and growing profession, to enhance the local people of these countries the capability of speeding economic growth and social development.


2. 2017-2018 E-commerce Development Programme for SMEs from Developing Countries

The E-commerce Development Programme for SMEs from Developing Countries 2017, to be carried out by CIFAL Shanghai, is aimed to facilitate cooperation and exchanges amongst SMEs in developing countries, in particular in the area of e-business development, as well as apply China’s experience and best practices to other developing countries.

Through the seminar, the participants have a comprehensive and objective understanding of China's achievements and accumulated experience in the field of e-commerce information technology application, and can establish a scientific and pragmatic concept of e-commerce and information technology application. After the seminar, the participants expressed their desire to further cooperate with China's e-commerce enterprises and information technology companies.


3. 2018-2019 Informatization and urban development for developing country


This seminar aims to facilitate the exchange of approaches for constructing informatization infrastructure in the context of urbanization. It was also promoted knowledge transfer on Informatization and urban development, while fostering cooperation between China and developing countries. Through the integration of theoretical and practical training in the form of thematic lectures, special sessions, free discussion, case studies and on-site investigation, participants were introduced to China and Shanghai’s practices and achievements in the field of informatization development.