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Director of UNIDO Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center attended the Nanjing and Paris Partnership Innovation Cooperation & the third Sino - France Innovation and Development Conference


JUNE 23, afternoon, as one of the important series activities of 2020 Nanjing Innovation week, Nanjing and Paris Partnership Innovation Cooperation and the third Sino - France Innovation and Development Conference was held in Jiangning Development Zone. Titled "embracing the future of integration", the conference was held via "cloud + offline" channels. Centered on topics such as “where is the direction ahead for international innovation cooperation”, “how canindustrial innovation gets upper hand of the future?”, “how can culture empower cities’ innovation development”,  distinguished guests in politics and business from China and France shared their insights and exchanged views.



Yang Lan, a well-known media person, presided over a round table interview session. Eight Chinese and French political and business tycoons, including SUN Yuming, Science and Technology Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in France, BRUNO bezar, former Finance Minister of France, WANG Genxiang, Director of Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center(SGSTIC) of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), WANG Juhong, Vice President of Tencent, and DUAN Dawei, Senior Vice President and CFO of iFLYTEK…etc., had an offline Nanjing edition of "Yang Lan Interview", starting with a question thrown by YANG “how should China and France cooperate at this stage? 


WANG Genxiang, Director of SGSTIC of UNIDO, pointed out a basket of services the center could offer for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) : a think tank composed of 200 experts, cooperative innovation initiatives in 15 countries globally, a strategic and exemplary industrial pool and a global SME development fund in preparation...etc,. “UNIDO SGSTIC aims to help developing countries improving their economic competitiveness through technical and industrial cooperation”, said WANG during the dialogue, he also sent a kind invitation to the participation of innovation-related French departments and enterprises to its innovation network, to jointly promote cooperation between China and France, and make full use of the great resources for Chinese and French SMEs.


"The key for innovation and development is openness: open platform, open technology, open mindset, open mind and open culture." YANG concluded the panelists’ shared views that openness is the foundation for the cooperation between Nanjing and Paris.







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