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The 4th Sino Germany IME Alliance Training Session held

 ZHUZHOU, CHINA, 29 November 2019- 03 December 2019 - The 4th Sino Germany Intelligent Manufacturing Education( IME) Alliance High-level Training Session held In concurrently with 2019 Sino Germany Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Education Integration Summit. The summit and the training session were jointly organized by Sino Germany Intelligent Manufacturing Education Alliance and Shanghai International Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Center (SIIMPC) of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), co-organized by Hunan Automative Engineering Vocational College, Hunan Automotice Vocational Education Group and Shanghai JINGGE Technology Co., Ltd. Over 200 members from Sino Germany Intelligent Manufacturing Education Alliance, teachers and industrial experts from Intelligent Manufacturing related college and institutions attended the summit and had In-depth discussion and experience sharing on topics such as international talent training experience, national intelligent manufacturing and industry education integration policy, industrial enterprise technology development and talent demand, University industry education integration…etc.

Mr. WU Yugang, Director of UNIDO SIIMPC, attended the summit and delivered a keynote speech on UNIDO Project "Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and its application in SMEs". Experts from Sino-Germany Institute of Engineering of Tongji University, Phoenix Contact (China) investment, Suzhou Vocational University, Hunan Automative Engineering Vocational College, Shanghai Jingge Tech, BIDU, Hexagon (Qingdao), Shanghai Aerospace Intelligent Equipment…etc., delivered excellent keynote reports.


The three-day training session focuses on industrial robot foundation, machine vision technology application, intelligent sensor technology application, industrial robot basic operation and programming, industrial robot system integration, three-dimensional precision measurement technology application, production-oriented machining production line design, MES system basic operation and installation, teaching-oriented intelligent manufacturing production line technology application, etc. By combining theoretical and practical learning, the training helps trainees to improve their future intelligent manufacturing teaching; to cultivate more intelligent manufacturing professionals with social and enterprise recognition.

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