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4th ChinaInfo100 Workshop in Shanghai

The 4th ChinaInfo100 Workshop sponsored by ChinaInfo100, organized by Shanghai Internet Economy Consulting Center, and assisted by CIFAL Shanghai was successfully held in Shanghai on Jun 30th, 2013. The workshop is about the influence on economy and social development brought by Big Data in China.


Leaders such as ZHOU Bo, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government,  ZHOU Zixue, General Economist of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attend and address the participants in the workshop.

Distinguished guests such as WU Hequan, Secretary General of Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), GAO Xinmin, Vice President of Internet Society of China, LI Yaoxin, Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, WANG Haifeng, Chief Scientist of Baidu make a profound speech. Participants are CEOs, elites and leaders of IT companies, with a total number over 200. The workshop is hosted by ZHANG Xinhong, Director of Research Department, State Information Center.


This workshop is surrounded by a current hot topic-- Big Data, and the sessions of which respectively are “The trend and responsibility in big data era”, “The challenge and opportunity in big data era”, “Big data application in enterprise”, and “The application of big data and related policy in government”.


With the popularization and development of global mobile internet, the data about the action and location of human beings can be recorded and analyzed, which means a brand new large-scale Information Technology Revolution represented by data production, data sharing and data usage is carrying on. An message is transmitted in the workshop that the Big Data era is approaching in which the big data will stir up  an Information Technology Revolution.




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