The director of UNIDO Shanghai Global Science and Innovation Center, Mr. Wang Genxiang visited Dubai World Free Zone Organization and Bahrain ITPO Office

On July 8th toJuly 13th 2018the director of UNIDO Shanghai Global Science and Innovation Center, Mr. Wang Genxiang visited Dubai World Free Zone Organization and Bahrain ITPO Office accompanied by Mr. Xue Hanye, the UNIDO Global Innovation Network project assistant.


1.Visit to Dubai World Free Zone Organization

On 9th July, accompanied by the Bahrain ITPO official, Genxiang Wang, the Director of Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center, have a meeting with Dr. Samir Hamrouni, the CEO of Dubai World Free Zone Organization.


Dubai World Free Zone Organization, of which the headquarter is in Dubai, was established in Geneva, Swiss, in May, 2014, and was launched by in total 14 Free Trade Areaall over the world, including the free trade pilot in Shanghai, China. So far,there are more than 250 organization participating in this group, contributing a lot to the development of world multilateral trade.


After a brief exchange of background information, the main power to boost the development of World Free Zone Organization is ‘Innovation Management’, by cooperate withUNIDO Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center would help the members from World Free Zone Organization get more financial and technical supports. At the same timethe cooperation relationship will introduce good investors and investment projects to China or other cooperation units of science and technology innovation centers, so as to truly realize the role of the Global Innovation Network.


Both sides believed in active respondence to Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and came up with a new goal of the development of free trade organization – to start free trade organizations under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative, to construct the free economic zone alongside the Belt and Road Initiative, to utilize the sharing technology of global technical innovation network, to boost investment, in order to fuel the growth of economy.


Both sides agreed to establish administrative bodies in Dubai World Free Zone Organization and Shanghai Global Science and Technical Innovation Center, therefore to help the implement of technical transferring and projects investment.


2. Visit to Bahrain ITPO Office and others

On the morning of 11th July, Genxiang Wang, the director of Shanghai Global Technical Innovation Center, met with Dr. Hashim Suleiman Hussein from Bahrain ITPO Office, Bahrain ITPO project manager Dr. Afif Barhoumi, deputy headmaster, Prof.Nader Mohammed Al-Bastaki, for academic affair and scientific research from Bahrain Kingdom University, Dean Dr. Haitham Alqahtani of Institute of applied and enterprise, Bahrain Polytechnics, Chairman Mrs. Wasan Khalaf of Small Business Development Council in the department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and the executive, Mr. Osama A. Al Khajah, of Bahrain Global Innovation Solution Enterprises.



Director Afiffrom Bahrain ITPO Office introduces the achievement since its establishment–on consideration of personal development and through the entrepreneurship training courses, cooperation with universities, investment institution,government department and local corporation was carried out to help solving the employment problems.  Later, director from Shanghai International Science Technical Innovation Center introduced the projects in the field of technical innovation, in order to construct a service platform of global technical innovation, technical transferring,expertise sharing, financial support, industrial development and technical service, and to assist building information linkage, technical connection, and investment cooperation between innovation centers from home and abroad.


After the seminar, both sides have reached the consensus of starting a global technical,capital and knowledge platform. With the help from Shanghai Global Science and Technical Innovation Center, Bahrain has great potential in the field of merging industries. The cooperation launched by Shanghai Global Technical Innovation Center and Bahrain ITPO Office will be benefit to the Technical development in the Middle East region. One of the goals of the training courses of technology, innovation and management carried out by Technical Innovation Center all over the world is to bring investment to Bahrain, and promote the economic development and technology revolution.


Representatives of the universities, government and entrepreneurs showed great interest in the Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center and the upcoming China-BahrainScience and Technology Innovation Center. They exchanged views on the operation mode, current achievements and future plans of the center. Subsequently, Dr.Haitham Alqahtani and Mr. Osama a. Al Khajah, invited Mr. Wang genxiang to visit their sites.



On 12th July morning, invited by Dr. Haitham Alqahtani Mr. Wang Genxiang visited Bahrain Polytechnics and discussed the issue of jointly building a science and technology innovation center. Bahrain Polytechnics was set up on 2008 by Bahrain government and mainly focus on diploma and undergraduate degree education. Recently, in order to recat the ‘Bahrain 2030 development plan’,Bahrain Polytechnics specific in scientific and technological innovation education and strive to provide more and better talents for development of Bahrain.


The two sides exchanged views on the joint establishment of the China-Bahrain Polytechnics Innovation Center. Dr. Haitham also invited director Mr. Wang Genxiang to attend the Bahrain Industrial Development and Innovation Conference in February next year.



On 12th July afternoon, the director Mr. Wang Gexiang headed to the ITPO office, and signed the China-Bahrain Technical Innovation Cooperation Agreement with Dr. Hashim Suleiman Hussein, official from Bahrain ITPO office. The two nations will carry out cooperation in the courses of technical innovation, entrepreneurship,Global Technical Innovation Funding, Global Technical Innovation Transferring Center and the construction of Global High-Tech Innovation Parks, in order to boost the economic growth and expansion of job market in both China and Bahrain.When in the ITPO office, local media interviewed Director Wang for the corresponding solution in the field of technical cooperation, industrial jointand technical innovation.



Afterwards,Director Genxiang Wang had a meeting with Mr. Osama A. Al Khajah, Chairman from Global Innovative Solutions, Mr. Omar Al Adhami, assistant manager of Kuwalt Fiance House and Mr. Raheel Iqbal, managing director from Bahrain Finocracy to discuss the innovation technology cooperation and application in Fintech area.



publish time: 2018-7-23



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