Forestry in the Highlands
Conference and Film Festival A Official Contribution to the UN International Year of Fores
ts Film Festival, Eden Court Theatre, 8 September 2011Highland Council...


UNLPP-TCSL Program Initiation

21 September 2014 CIFAL Shanghai Culture Communication Base-LionHan initiated the first course of the United Nations Language Professional Program-- Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (UNLPP-TCSL).    At the Opening Ceremony, Director of CIFAL Shanghai Mr. WANG Genxiang introduced UNITAR and CIFAL Shanghai and awarded Employment Certificate to Mr. Liu, representative lecturer of UNL......      > > Read More

Completion of Seminar on Electronic Waste Management for ASEAN (2014-9-17)
Press Conference for The Tenth Global City Informatization Forum and The Fourth CEO Development Conference(2014-8-8)
Smart City Public Lecture IX held at Shanghai Science Hall(2014-7-30)


Global Professional & Specialist Testing
-  Approval by China Human Resource Training Center   ( )
-  Managed by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization
-  Organized by CIFAL Shanghai

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Local Network

CIFAL Shanghai provides a wide range of services to the enterprises and local governments in China including co-operation with various agencies, helping regional customers carry out international and domestic training programs in order to promote international cooperation and exchange and investment in industrial projects as well as resource sharing.

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CIFAL Shanghai is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs P. R. China and is set up jointly by United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) and The Regional Cooperation Office for City Informatization (RCOCI).CIFAL Shanghai is an Asia-pacific region-oriented international training institute and is also a member of CIFAL Network.

The main objective of training activities is to achieve sustainable urbanisation in the context of increasing responsibilities of local authorities.

CIFAL Network
The Regional Cooperation
Office for City Informatization
Shanghai Municipal Economy and Informatization Commission
Shanghai Internet Economy Consulting Center
Shanghai Software Testing Center

CIFAL Shanghai, CIFAL Network Decentralized Cooperation Programme (DCP), UNITAR